LED Push Through Channel Letter Building Retail Signage



LED Push Through Channel Letter Building Retail Signage

Acrylic push-through channel letters with LED lighting are an excellent way to attract attention to your business. These three-dimensional signs are made of durable acrylic and are designed to illuminate from both the face and the side, making them visible both day and night. The soft glow of the LED lights creates an inviting atmosphere that enhances any environment.

These signs are highly customizable, allowing you to choose from a variety of styles and colors. They can be installed on walls or cabinetry, making them suitable for any location. The process of creating acrylic push-through signage involves routing out the surface and pushing acrylic through the face, resulting in a unique signature look that adds a professional touch to your business.

Custom LED acrylic push-through channel letters are an excellent investment for any business looking to stand out from the competition. They are eye-catching, durable, and highly customizable, making them a versatile choice for any industry. Whether you’re looking to enhance your storefront or add a professional touch to your office, these signs are sure to impress.


LED Push Through Channel Letter Building Retail Signage

  • Sizes: Custom made
  • Thickness: 40mm-120mm
  • Face Panel: 3mm acrylic board
  • Shape: Custom letter shape
  • Frame: Acrylic
  • Colors: Red  / Blue / Green / Blue / Purple / Yellow /Black / White / Custom
  • Mounting options: With mounting accessories(screws / hooks)
  • Light: CE, RoHS or UL approval led module
  • Custom make logo: UV print, Silk screen print, Dimension




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