Custom Advertising Signage Round Fabric Light Boxes


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Custom Advertising Signage Round Fabric Light Boxes

The tension fabric lightbox is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a bright and evenly distributed display. Utilizing edge-lit LED lighting and etched blackout fabric, this lightbox eliminates hotspots and shadowing, resulting in a brighter and more professional look. Installation is made easy with the provided accessories, and the graphics are finished with a stitched Silicon edge, making it simple to manage. When it comes time to pack up, the graphics can be easily folded and will effectively iron themselves out when reopened to stretch to the frame. Overall, the tension fabric lightbox is a practical and professional solution for businesses looking to enhance their display.


  • Sizes: Custom sign
  • Thickness: 26 mm / 40 mm / 50 mm / 60 mm / 80 mm / 100 mm / 120 mm
  • Face Panel: 18s  / 22s UV soft Fabric
  • Shape: Square / Rectangular /Round /Triangle / Haxagon / Custom shape
  • Frame: Frameless Aluminum Profile
  • Frame Treament: Silver/Black/Painted PMS or CMYK colors
  • Mounting options: Ceiling / Suspended / Wall Mount / Free Standing
  • Light: CE, RoHS or UL approval led module
  • Custom make logo: UV Print


Application: Interior and exterior advertising light box. Cinema sign, restaurant sign, wall sign, shopping mall sign.

Features: Interior and exterior advertising frameless fabric light box sign,  LED illuminated waterproof fabric light box display signage board. Round advertising light box signage

We can Custom make the sign: Colors, Dimension, Print


  • Light Method: Backlit
  • Faces: 18s / 22s UV fabric
  • Frame: Frameless Aluminum Profile
  • Color: Black / Silver /Custom CMYK or PMS colors
  • LED: CE, ROHS or UL approval led module


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