Acrylic Frontlit Backlit Signage Mini Channel Letters



Acrylic Frontlit Backlit Signage Mini Channel Letters

Illuminated custom acrylic channel letter signage is a popular choice for businesses in the advertising market. This type of signage is typically used for storefront advertising and can be customized to fit specific requirements such as colors, dimensions, and print. Outdoor commercial 3D mini acrylic letter signage is made up of three main components: acrylic, LED lights, and a sealed bottom plate. These signs are made using high-quality imported acrylic boards that provide an even and attractive light. They are suitable for use in stores, shopping malls, mobile phone chains, and exhibition centers. LED illuminated rimless acrylic mini letter signage consists of two layers, with the first layer being 20mm thick and the bottom layer using 3-5mm acrylic. These signs are perfect for businesses looking for a sleek and modern advertising solution.


  • Sizes:  Custom Make
  • Colors: Red/Orange/Purple/Blue/Yellow light source /Custom
  • Frame: Frameless
  • Thickness: 17-30 mm
  • Material: High Quality Acrylic Board
  • Shape: Logo, letters
  • Mounting options: Wall mount / custom
  • Light: CE, RoHS or UL approval led module
  • Custom make logo: UV Print
  • Light Method: Front and Back lit | Dual Side Lit
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple Light Source or custom
  • LED: CE, ROHS or UL approval led module



  • High brightness and evenly light.
  • Can be arbitrary deployment of required colors to meet the personalized requirements.
  • Front and back side illuminated.
  • Windproof, waterproof, dustproof, free from adverse weather conditions.
  • Energy saving, low operating cost.
  • More attractive to customers, with good advertising effect.
  • 3D Frontlit and backlit acrylic letter display sign.


Application: Interior or exterior door advertising signage. store front advertising acrylic signage. led acrylic illuminated letter sign



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